Black beauty

Old Carbonite rock formations at Hogenakkal falls, Tamil Nadu.Wonder how many Kohl pencils that would make 🙂


Aar ya paar

Coracle ferry service across the river. Who says only humans need transport? 🙂

Bathe at India’s biggest shower!

Found it hideous to see Shampoos, soap bars and hair oils sold at Hogenakkal Falls- popularly known as the “Niagara falls of India’.

Seems like this picture is shouting out, “Come, take a bath at this grand five-star open bathroom with the country’s biggest shower and bathtub and feel like a king!”

Pudhe sarka!

This was during our epic bus ride from Dandeli train station to Anshi Nature Camp in Dandeli, Karnataka.
Since there was no big bus going there, we were told to hop onto one of these small local mini- vans by the locals. Two innocent un-suspecting souls settled on the last seats of the bus, only to realize we were travelling cattle class for more than three hours in a mini van which had more people than a local train compartment, and the bus driver stopping and stuffing more locals, pushing them and shouting ‘ sarkaaa’ sarkaaa’ (push) who didn’t seem to mind and were having normal conversations about the weather. I was amused initially and found it super adventurous, but after a while, we just wanted to get off the damn thing and breathe some air. We almost had to trample over some tonnes of people to get out of the bus and breathe fresh oxygen. This has been our most adventurous travel so far, in a so- called R.K. Travels bus which was studded with Hollywood-looking stars and had pictures and ads of ‘akhadaas’ (local gyms) and empty first-aid boxes! Truly, an adventure to remember!

Need for speed

BIKE chahiye BIKE. Fast wali.One that can run faster than the train! One that can fly on the road. One that doesn’t require a horn. The roaring ‘bhaakkkk bhakkkk bhaakkkk’ sound is enough for people to make way for you. POWER chaiye POWER’. Bike Bike Bike Bike Bike Bike!

A ricky martin passes by, “Yelli Madam?” 
Sataaakkkkk!! (one tight imaginary slap), flops back to reality, scowls and hops into the ricky. “Kumaraparka Westaaa (a slight pause) Fastaa!”.

*Ricky Martin is referred to a ricky (a rickshaw) in India.(lol).